Extend the Life of Your Denver Roof With a Summertime Roof Inspection

This winter and spring have been particularly hard on the exterior of buildings in Denver, so now is the time to be planning ahead for next winter. Getting a roof inspection during the warmer months is important because of the tough beating your roof can take during the winter months. Cracked or damaged shingles and damaged storm collars from ice and snow piling on top of your home can block water from draining off of your roof. This damage from ice and pooling water can cause your roof to leak.

To prevent trouble in the cold winter months, it is wise to put a professional roofing inspection on your summer to-do list. Addressing small problems that are detected now can extend the life of your roof and save you from a huge replacement cost.

The Steps in a Summer Roof Inspection
A professional roofing contractor will assess the condition of your roof and check for potential problems that may have developed over the harsh Denver winter.

  1. Exterior: The roofing inspector will survey the outside of your home to look for visible damage before going onto the roof.
  2. Interior: The inspector may also look at the interior of your home. You may have water stains, or paint and wallpaper bubbling on the interior walls and ceiling of, indicating a roof leak.

The inspector will look for:

  • Damage to the structure of your roof
  • Gutter damage from ice, snow or heavy wind
  • Leakage
  • Loose seals or flashing
  • Moisture damage to shingles including blistering, cracking and curling
  • Streaking and staining from mildew or mold
  • Wind damage which may have caused broken or missing tiles

Denver Contractors, Inc., a full-service general roofing contractor serving the Denver metro area, is well-qualified to perform your roof inspection. DCI takes pride in using only the finest roofing materials and roof tiles in the industry while utilizing only highly experienced and trained craftsmen in all trades. We hope that you will take the time to have your roof inspected and perform the needed repairs to prevent further complications during the winter months.

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