Extend the Life of Your Denver Roof With a Summertime Roof Inspection

This winter and spring have been particularly hard on the exterior of buildings in Denver, so now is the time to be planning ahead for next winter. Getting a roof inspection during the warmer months is important because of the tough beating your roof can take during the winter months. Cracked or damaged shingles and...
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Obvious and Hidden Causes of Roof Leaks in Denver

Obvious Causes of Roof Leaks

  • Storm damages shingles. After a large storm, it’s common to find shingles that have blown off your roof. This often happens because as shingle age, they tend to weaken. This causes shingles to break where the upper shingle makes contact with the single below it. If you find shingles that have...
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Soaked Denver Residents Seek Roofing Assistance From Denver Contractors, Inc.

Lately, Denver residents have been heard mumbling “Seattle” jokes under their breath. With 4.79 inches of moisture recorded at Denver International Airport during the month of May, it’s no wonder the comparisons are being made! This Seattle weather has caused the phone lines to light up more than ever at Denver area Denver Contractors, Inc....

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Evaluating Multiple Roof Repair Estimates in Denver

We understand that when you need your roof repaired in Denver, getting it done quickly seems most important. It may feel like a daunting task to have to take the time to carefully review quotes from multiple roofing contractors. But in order to quickly ensure that you’re getting good value as well as high quality,...

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Tips For Selecting a Roofing Contractor in Denver, Part 2

Selecting a roofing contractor is a big decision, so here are a few more suggestions to review. If you follow all these tips, you should have a much better chance of being happy with your decision.

6. Don't trust advertising about quality. It's okay to locate a Denver-area roofing company through advertisements, but once you get...

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What Is That Black Gunk On My Roof?

A common question we hear is: Why is there black gunk on my roof and what is it?

If you see black discoloration on your roof, whether it’s an older or a newer roof, your roof probably has algae growing on it. Most commonly, this is Gloeocapsa Magma which is carried onto your roof by the...

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Tips For Selecting a Roofing Contractor in Denver, Part 1

The process of looking for a roofing contractor in Denver can be complicated, so before you make your final decision, we suggest you review these helpful tips.
  1. Do not sign a proposal just because you like the sales person (or vice versa). Feeling comfortable with a salesperson should not be your main...
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