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The Insurance Claims Process for Replacing a Roof

When you home is affected by storm damage, your roof is likely the most expensive item that will need replacement. The insurance claims process for replacing a roof can be a little confusing. Do you call your Agent or do you call a Contractor?  How long can you expect the process to take? How do you…
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Choosing a contractor after a storm

Knock Knock- Who's There? ANOTHER roofing company?!  If you have been one of the unlucky homeowners in the Denver metro area hit by hail this season, then you have likely grown tired of your doorbell ringing. Storms bring out the parade of contractors and their door to door canvassers looking to beta one another for…
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3 Important Tips About Roofing Warranties in Denver

With all the recent storm activity in the Denver metro area, we’re sad to hear how many people have become victims of companies posing as roofers just trying to make a buck. While we advise that you perform your own research about any company you are considering hiring, you must also consider the warranties themselves.…
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Considerations When Selecting Shingles For Your Denver Home

In addition to the functional benefits of replacing your roof, doing this work is a great way to improve the value and appearance of your home. You may be surprised how much “curb appeal” can be added to your house just by selecting a great color and style of shingle. Replacing your roof with shingles…
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