Choosing a contractor after a storm

choosing a contractor Knock Knock- Who's There? ANOTHER roofing company?!  If you have been one of the unlucky homeowners in the Denver metro area hit by hail this season, then you have likely grown tired of your doorbell ringing. Storms bring out the parade of contractors and their door to door canvassers looking to beta one another for your business. Choosing a contractor is not always an easy task. There are hundreds out there, some good and some not so good. So how do you know who you should use?


It is important when choosing a contractor that you know the red flags to look for to keep yourself from getting ripped off. Roofing companies that are not local are often referred to as "storm chasers" because they go state to state following storms looking to make fast money. They often are not even properly licensed and they do not always do good quality work. Be very careful here too, as they will try to get money from you upfront to pay for materials. This is because they do not have credit lines set up with local suppliers like a good local reputable company would. Remember- THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN GET RIPPED OFF FROM A CONTRACTOR IS IF YOU PAY THEM MONEY UP FRONT BEFORE THEY DO ANY WORK. So when choosing a contractor, you want to find one that will take payment AFTER the work is completed or at least when the materials are dropped to your home.

Other red flags to look for when choosing a contractor are:

  • Are they accredited with the Better Business Bureau?
  • Do they have a local office- not just a PO BOX or an office in one of those "virtual office" buildings?
  • Do they have references for you? Can they show you their local license and Insurance information?

These are all things to check out when choosing a contractor.


At Denver Contractors, Inc. we know you have many choices out there. When choosing a contractor, many of our clients said they chose us not only because of our reputation but because they liked working with our staff. From our sales people to our project managers and office girls, everyone is pleasant and professional. When issues arise we are quick to take care of it so that our customers get complete satisfaction from every job we do. Almost half of our business comes from referrals from our clients. Earning that trust to get their referral is something we take great pride in. When choosing a contractor, you want to do business with someone you LIKE and TRUST. We are also local, fully licensed and insured and accredited with the BBB with an A+ rating. We are also more than just a roofing company, we are full General Contractors which means we can handle ALL the repairs you need- not just your roof. We treat your home as if it were our own and our staff is trained to be able to help guide you through every step of the insurance claims process. We provide free inspections, and free assistance with dealing with the your insurance adjuster.  We help maximize your claim so that you get all the repairs covered that you are entitled to. When choosing a contractor, Denver Contractors, Inc. is a an obvious choice that you can count on!

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