Considerations When Selecting Shingles For Your Denver Home

In addition to the functional benefits of replacing your roof, doing this work is a great way to improve the value and appearance of your home. You may be surprised how much “curb appeal” can be added to your house just by selecting a great color and style of shingle.

Replacing your roof with shingles is an affordable way to protect your home. You have the choice of selecting from a wide range of sizes, colors and prices.

To make sure you’re getting the best value, be sure to consider the following when choosing new roof shingles:

  • Color: Your roof shingles are an important factor in the exterior look of your home, so we recommend that you discuss color options with a Denver roofing professional to help you achieve your desired look. If you live in a home with a homeowner or community association, be sure to review their rules regarding color. Once you determine what is allowed in your community, consider roof shingles that complement the color of your brick or siding. As a rule of thumb, darker colors are more traditional and can make your home feel cozier whereas light colors generally are more contemporary and make your home seem larger.
  • Quality: Life span, sturdiness and weather resistance are all important considerations when replacing a roof in the Denver area. We suggest you take the time to discuss the best shingle options to withstand the extreme weather conditions in Denver. We also recommend that you select shingles that have a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty. The higher quality shingles come with warranties of 25 years or more.
  • Style: You can select shingles in a variety of styles that fit your taste and budget. If you’re looking for a more custom look, consider “architectural” or laminated shingles which come with tabbed layers to give added dimension. Strip roof shingles can also provide texture, since they can pokies online be layered. Large format shingles cover more area but don’t add dimension to your roof.
  • Types:
    • Fiberglass backed shingles are light weight and have a thin appearance. These lightweight fiberglass shingles are easier for roofers to carry up the ladder and are more fire resistant. The warranty for these types of shingles is often offered for a longer period than organic shingles.
    • Organic, mat-based shingles are extremely heavy. Their finish is not as smooth as fiber-based shingles because the mat of these shingles is made from felt paper and asphalt. They are heavier than fiberglass shingles because more asphalt is used. An advantage of organic-based shingles is that they are more flexible. A disadvantage is that they are more water absorbing and therefore have a tendency to warp over time.

Selecting shingles for your home is an important decision, so you should choose the proper shingles for your house with utmost care. To ensure your shingles are properly installed to prevent water damage and potential high repair and maintenance costs, please contact Denver Contractors, Inc. to discuss your situation and receive a free roofing inspection.

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