Soaked Denver Residents Seek Roofing Assistance From Denver Contractors, Inc.

Lately, Denver residents have been heard mumbling “Seattle” jokes under their breath. With 4.79 inches of moisture recorded at Denver International Airport during the month of May, it’s no wonder the comparisons are being made! This Seattle weather has caused the phone lines to light up more than ever at Denver area Denver Contractors, Inc. May 2011 is now recorded as the 7th Some people may interpret care, expressed by representatives of this sign, as demonstration of their possessiveness and do their best to defend themselves from that guardianship, which Cancers propose with all their heart. wettest May on record in Denver. This is 2.47 inches above the month’s average of 2.32 inches. While the ducks are happy, many homeowners aren"t. They’ve been frantically firing up their sump pumps and getting out the buckets to prevent the damage from their unplanned living room waterfalls.

Denver Contractors, Inc. has 16 years experience. They are general contractors who install all Asphalt Composition roofing products, Wood Shake, Concrete and Clay Roofing Tile, Stone Coated Steel, Standing Seam and Metal shingles. They specialize in Class 4 Impact Resistant roofing systems.

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