Tips For Selecting a Roofing Contractor in Denver, Part 1

The process of looking for a roofing contractor in Denver can be complicated, so before you make your final decision, we suggest you review these helpful tips.

  1. Do not sign a proposal just because you like the sales person (or vice versa). Feeling comfortable with a salesperson should not be your main reason for signing a proposal from a roofing company. Remember that it is not the sales person who will be doing the roof installation! Be sure to ask who will be doing the work and how much experience they have. It can also be very useful to see examples roofing work that they have done which is similar to your job.
  2. Do not decide based on availability only. Some Denver roofing companies don’t have much work to do right now which is why they may respond to your inquiry quickly. It’s important to look into these roofing companies to see how long they have been in business, how many years of experience their installers have, what their safety record is, whether they are licensed, insured and bonded in the Denver where your home is located, whether their insurance is up to date and whether they are willing to give you references.
  3. Avoid roofing companies who use high-pressure sales tactics. Roofing companies who use this tactic are trying to entice a commitment from you by offering pricing for a limited time. Most reputable roofing companies in Denver do not have a significant room to discount their prices. This tactic is generally used by sales people because the quicker they make the sale, the higher their commission.
  4. Do not decide based on price only. The price of a roofing installation will vary depending on the size and location of your Denver-area home. If a roofing company gives you a quote that is well below other, you should proceed with caution. If you decide on price only, you may sacrifice quality, professionalism and workmanship. You should also beware of hidden costs that may be left out of a low quote including sales tax, removal of the old material, insurance, etc.
  5. If the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is! If you get a quote from a Denver roofing company that seems too good to be true, check:
  • Quality of materials
  • Warranty on materials and installation
  • Hidden costs such as dumpster rental, heavy equipment rental, material removal, plywood replacement, etc.
  • References should be recent, for a roof replacement similar to yours and in the general vicinity of your home

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